The Third Gender

Lives of the transgender community in India

“The Third Gender” explores the lives of the transgender community in India – their hopes and aspirations post the landmark Indian Supreme Court judgment in April 2014 recognising them as the “third gender’. The documentary captures the lives of the members of the transgender community in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. These are powerful stories about how they have survived over the years by mostly earning their living as sex workers or beggars. They talk about how the reservation in jobs and education will open more avenues for them but how social stigma may still keep them away from going and claiming these jobs. It explores the fear, confusion and trauma of minors who are wanting to join the hijra community and need proper counseling to make an informed decision but have no access to such facilities. At a time when the transgender community is trying to claim their rights and become a part of the mainstream community in India, this documentary is of utmost relevance since it highlights how the society has to shed their discriminatory attitude and help the transgenders get equal rights. The film also features voices of transgender activists/lawyers and state ministers who are working to ensure the implementation of the law but say the bureaucracy lacks understanding and sensibility in dealing with issues of the transgender community.

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